A Father’s Love Knows No Bars

A Father's Love Knows No Bars by @andrewdkaufman #family #love #jail

With Father’s Day around the corner, I’ve been thinking about a kind of love familiar to millions of men around the globe—including the nearly eight hundred thousand incarcerated men in America with children on the outside. I am reminded of the power of that bond as I listen to Kory, a 21-year-old Black man with…

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Why Most Russians Still Love Putin

How Dostoyevsky Helps Explain Why Russians Still Love Putin by @andrewdkaufman #Putin #Ukraine #war

I’m often asked how Russian literature of the past can help illuminate Russian politics today. I recently wrote an article on this very subject and received a number of follow-up questions. One of the most interesting of them was: Why is Putin still so popular in Russia despite the world’s response to his war and…

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How I Found My Voice and Myself in War and Peace

How I Found My Voice and Myself in War and Peace by @andrewdkaufman #WarAndPeace #voice #Tolstoy

At a book talk I gave a few years ago, a teenage boy in the audience, intrigued by the stories I’d been telling about young characters’ tortuous journeys in War and Peace, asked me a question during the Q&A. “Did Tolstoy, like, really experience all that?” The ingenuous question got me thinking, not only about…

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Ten Russian Novels You Need To Read To Be a Better Human

Give War And Peace

As President Trump and Vladimir Put get chummy amid political turmoil at home, serious accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 election, and a general sense of social malaise in both countries, Americans and Russians alike have a lot to think about these days. Both nations would do well to get beyond their ideological differences…

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