Why Teachers Must Bring Humanity to The Classroom

Why Teachers Must Bring Humanity to The Classroom by @andrewdkaufman #classroom #teaching #humanity

The Metamorphosis in the Classroom The Metamorphosis happens sometime between the moment when John Smith exits his car in the college parking lot, treks across the beautiful grassy campus, enters the building where he’s about to engage in something called Teaching, and finally, steps foot into the Classroom where said Teaching will take place. The…

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Ten Russian Novels You Need To Read To Be a Better Human

Give War And Peace

As President Trump and Vladimir Put get chummy amid political turmoil at home, serious accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 election, and a general sense of social malaise in both countries, Americans and Russians alike have a lot to think about these days. Both nations would do well to get beyond their ideological differences…

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