Fearless Woman Warrior Stands Up to Putin’s Oppression

Fearless Woman Warrior Stands Up to Putin's Oppression by @andrewdkaufman #putin #women #warrior

On March 8, to mark International Women’s Day, Putin gave a speech extolling the virtues of women: “You cope with a great pile of problems and worries while all the while remaining charming and beautiful,” he gushed to his mostly female audience. “How can one not simply admire this?” Promising government support to those who…

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The Humane Russia I Love, The Brutal Russia I Hate

The Humane Russia I Love, The Brutal Russia I Hate by @andrewdkaufman #russia #culture #life

As someone who’s dedicated much of my professional life to studying Russian literature and culture, I’m following the tragic war in Ukraine with great interest and sadness. It is teaching me lessons both personal and political: how dictatorships work, how bullies maintain their grip on power, how leaders’ deep inferiority complexes often masquerade as superiority…

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Why Most Russians Still Love Putin

How Dostoyevsky Helps Explain Why Russians Still Love Putin by @andrewdkaufman #Putin #Ukraine #war

I’m often asked how Russian literature of the past can help illuminate Russian politics today. I recently wrote an article on this very subject and received a number of follow-up questions. One of the most interesting of them was: Why is Putin still so popular in Russia despite the world’s response to his war and…

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